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71 Njálsgata
Reykjavík, , 101

00354 8979087


Inspired our Icelandic heritage and otherworldly nature, we focus on the versatility of basic silhouettes through a strong detailing of wearable art through intricate details and luxury fabrics.

Harpa Einarsdottir is the head designer of MYRKA, her’ design philosophy comes from an attraction to the dark and forbidden, mysticism and her viking blood, she manages to take these elements and bring them into the world of modern and luxurious high end world of fashion.

Myrka addresses the conscious consumer who strays away from mass market trends.

MYRKA is created for the men and women that seek to wear timeless high quality design and exceed their expectation towards buying a high quality garments made out of unique textiles.

Rebellious Icelandic fashion brand, inspired by our harsh but otherworldly nature and cultural heritage.



Is our high-end fashion brand.  We dive into the depths of our culture and bring out a meaningful and a visually enchanting universe with artful prints, a mixture of sharp silhouettes and softer, feminine pieces for women to express their individuality, each piece striking a balance between edgy and elegant, crafted from notably luxe fabrics.  We explore Nordic mythology and the texture and elements of our landscape. We embrace quality craftsmanship and add reflections of our national costume and viking ancestry into our fashion forward designs. We started MYRKA for the conscious fashion consumer who strays away from mass market trends and knows the value of a well created garment.  MYRKA was founded on the idea that comfortable, quality clothing should be produced in a socially conscious manner.


"For Rebels & Rioters" 

Is our street wear collection, it appeales to be bold, unapologetic, unorthodox yet sartorial and modern at the same time. A dichotomy of urban streetwear and athletic sportswear with emphasis for our magical nature in elegant ruggedness.



The idea is to sell our showpieces and collectable items as art,  your purchase becomes more personal if you know you are the only one who owns this specific dress or jacket. These pieces are unique, made by hand, and never mass produced.  And there is a story that comes with each item, you will embrace it, and if you get tired of it you will be able to swap it out for a new item! The only thing you will have to bring with it, is your own story while wearing the piece!